We are a luxury resort and swimwear brand with a simple mission: to create fun, unique and beautiful pieces for your summer holidays.
We are inspired by you - smart, stylish and talented women who want quality resort and swimwear as part of your holiday wardrobe.
La Pêche promises summer silhouettes designed to take you from beach to bar.
Our exclusive luxury collections are made specially for you. Our designs are inspired by travels, tales and global adventures. Each collection has a story to tell. Each piece will create a new memory.
Love your La Pêche
We are all about celebrating the female form through swim and resort wear.
Love your body and love life! We only want to create pieces that we would be excited to wear ourselves! Let us do the heavy lifting for you to look great, all you have to do is book that next holiday destination.
# Free Your Inner Peach
Be yourself! Be seen! Be in the moment!
It is our mission to design clothes that inspire women to live life on their own terms and to let their inner peach shine!
La Pêche was cultivated on the principles of confidence, femininity and individuality. It is for a woman unafraid to take risks and embrace an adventure.          
Founded by Jolynn and Valerie on a hot summer day in Ibiza as they floated on a giant blue seashell. They chatted idly about how it would be great to design your own line of resort wear. Life is too short not to take chances - that was when La Pêche was created.
Our pieces are designed as a wearable work of art. Each collection is carefully curated and is intricately hand drawn from scratch. It takes 9-12 months for the entire development process. Our swimwear design combines both function and aesthetics and a beautiful balance between the contemporary and the commercial.
Our artists and designers are based around the world and always bring elements of their own personality and talent to every piece.
We work with artisan groups and factories in Europe that are run in an ethical manner, that employ craftsmen skilled in their trade.
We believe that fashion should look and feel good. That is why ethical production and honest social responsibility are the foundations on which we built our brand.
We hold the values of sustainability close to our hearts, we only work with factories and printing mills that operate in an ethical and socially responsible manner.
As we grow, our dedication to ethical and sustainable production remains unwavering, and we are constantly refining our production processes, materials and environmental initiatives.
“A La Pêche girl is travelling for the summer, going to exotic places, she wants to wear beautiful clothes, there is an ease to the clothes and something sexy for the hot summer nights.”